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River Dunes, North Carolina
Harbor Chapel

Weddings at River Dunes

River Dunes is an award-winning boating community on the big waters of the Pamlico Sound, Neuse River and ICW, near Oriental, NC. The centerpiece of the community is world-class resort harbor surrounded by a coastal village that features a picture-perfect chapel with indoor and outdoor seating and a bronze bell.

The adjacent Harbor Club offers fine and casual dining, pool and fireside hot tubs, large porches and spectacular views. Additionally, we have miles of natural shoreline and trails, fishing lake and lakehouse, guest cottages and homes, quiet walkable streets, bikes, kayaks, and canoes.

River Dunes offers a beautiful location for your family, friends, and guests to share your special day in your own unique style - from ceremony and reception to rehearsal dinner or bridal luncheon. Take a look at our slideshow, explore our charming guest accommodations, and get a feel for our unique harborside location and facilities.

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Wedding Slideshows
Cottage Accommodations
Tour the Harbor Club, online.
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800-975-9565 • 465 East Harborside Rd • Oriental, NC 28571 • © 2013 River Dunes Development, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Find us on Facebook! Follow Me on Pinterest Find us on Twitter Find us on YouTube
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