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Posted: 09-14-2011
BikeMS 2011 Photos and Fun!

BikeMS new Bern
A big THANK YOU to all of the volunteers, staff, donors, and sponsors that made BikeMS 2011 a huge success!

River Dunes participated for the second year as a sponsor, hosting the Sunday Lunch Stop at the Harbor Club. Riders on the 75 and 100 mile routes cruised through RD at mile 40.5.

Over 2,400 riders participated and BikeMS exceeded its goal of $1.7 million! Money raised through this event funds MS research, programs, services, and advocacy.
BikeMS new Bern
Riders feasted on bean burritios, sandwiches, and gatorade while relaxing by the harbor in the shade. BikeMS provides all of the food, drinks, and equipment for the rest stop as well as sending a mechanic from Cycling Spoken Here
"Sweet rest stop at River Dunes equipped with wind chimes and awesome reflections at the marina. Is this really work?" - Cycling Spoken Here Crew

BikeMS new Bern
Road-Holland Cycling Apparel outfitted one lucky River Dunes volunteer. If you bike, you should totally check out their beautiful line of jerseys. (Andy's brother founded the company!)

BikeMS new Bern
Picture: Kari Hammond (RD Staffer & Blog Author) and my Dad, Chuck Forrest

This was my first BikeMS ride, riding 110 miles and raising over $200 for BikeMS. It was an awesome and inspiring event - if you have a bike, you should totally ride with our team next year! My Dad, Chuck, rode a double century (for like the sixth year in a row!) with Team Yardnique.
BikeMS new Bern

See more photos! Click here.

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